Born in Lancaster, MA, Eva attended Nashoba Regional, one of the first regional
high schools in the state,which attracted some very bright teachers interested
in the new approach. Her English teacher was Greg Mcdonald, best known for
his Fletch detective series, but also the author of a number of other
books, including the overview of the 60s "Souvenirs of a Blown World." She went
on to study art at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and has a
degree in Fine Arts.

After graduating, and working a few starter jobs in retail, Eva became a secretary at
MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science from 1978-1983. Always fascinated with
logistics, when Project Athena fired up (institute-wide on-line access for
all students) she was its first Operations Coordinator. When Athena
got past start-up mode, she left to join BBN's Computer Science Network,
helping universities get online, and helping to provide domain services.
Here she met her husband, Greg, who was the site contact for NCAR.
In 1991 she moved to Boulder County.

All those computer skills came in handy. She worked briefly at CU, then was
a project manager for the network firm Root Group in Boulder. Eva then
returned to painting, worked at a studio at Art Work Space in Boulder, and
later started her own artists' services business late in 1995. A Slice of Time,
coordinated art shows, and created show catalogs and handouts. The last show
was a joint project with The Art Affaire, in Louisville: "Our Louisville: Finding
the Soul of a City." She has since closed her business and concentrates on
cataloging the ever-greater centralization of our culture, moving to writing
as the primary creative outlet, writing on various lists and blogs as

A Libertarian, Eva is a strong believer in checks and balances, and has concerns
about their disappearance in modern political structures, which have become
regionally, nationally, and even internationally, focused, seeming to lack
interest in the concerns of the individual constituents which were prevalent
during the years when the US became one of the prime movers on the world
stage, and one of the wealthiest nations in history. Her writings (many of
which appeared at, a Denver Post online citizen journalism project,
begun in 2005, which has since phased out the Boulder County hubs) focus
on how our culture's changing attitudes, growing biases, and resistance to taking
responsibilities may have created some of the problems we did not realize we
were causing.

Eva can also be found tweeting on Twitter and posting as "Eva Kosinski" on Facebook..

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